Phuket Mining Museum

Went to the dentist this morning. Second day in a row and not done. On the way home Hamido (my driver, helper, and in general all around good guy) took an alternate route because of traffic. We passed the Museum and decided to stop. Phuket was populated as a result of Tin mining. This museum chronicles the period. The only downside is most of the text was only Thai (most Asian museums also label everything in English.) Fortunately I had Hamido along.Fair winds and following seas  ?


American Exceptionalism

Peter Schramm, liked to tell the story of his family’s escape from Hungary in the aftermath of its failed revolution against Russian Communists: “But where are we going?” I asked. “We are going to America,” my father said. “Why America?” I prodded. “Because, son. We were born Americans, but in the wrong place,” he repliedFair winds and following seas

Pride Behavior

The other night I finally got it. XO has been waking me up at all sorts of odd hour of the night. In the daytime he has become far more “clingy.” He frequently follows me around to flop down and sleep a foot or two from me. I finally decided:that his behavior must be ingrained. He sees his job as the night lookout. This came to me when I started exploring why he would wake me crying on the companionway steps. Staying up late to read one night I realized that each time there was an external event e.g. a fish jump, the nighttime security guard patrol/ He would go out, take point, and when satisfied that all was secure come back to lie by my side. I tried to explore this behavior further but found little data on the behavior patterns of feral cats. It is all conjecture for now. Fair winds and following seas 🙂


It has been brought to my attention that I have been remiss in writing my blog. Rather than a long blog post I will endeavor to write a bit each day for the next couple of days. So I quick update. I left Australia about 1 year ago. I spent 3 months transiting Indonesia, then Singapore, a few months in Malaysia, and now I am in Phuket, Thailand. Since it the NorthWest monsoon season I am on the east side of the island at Ao Po Grand Marina. Given the frequent thunderstorms with 35 knot winds and the terrible holding I have chosen to stay in a marina until the weather calms down. I will pick up tomorrow with some tales of Indonesia. Fair winds and following seas. 🙂