Via Inmarsat:

Another day of skuding witk occaslonai rain. The up side is we are making decent time. The water temperature is 81 f and the air temperature is 79 f. It makes it warm inside Reboot. Today s entertainment was two birds. We think they were boobies. One took up residence on the solar paneis. The second arrived about 1/2 hour later and was rebuffed. He took up residence on the bow. It was fun watching them land. They would “shoot the break,” line up for a down wind final, drop the gear and land To the music of “danger zone”. “Wheels down, flaps down, hook down, all down.” “Call the ball.” “Roger ball.” “Ball ~ ramp – deck.” Unfortunately the approach camera was inoperative. Next time. After some time we chased the bird off the solar panel. We then had to wash the panei. When the bird returnd we tried to chase it off. I don t know who was more surprised when Rookie poked him with the boat hook! he got the message and left for good. Fair winds and following seas 🙂 Please note your reply is

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