Via Inmarsat:

Standing second mid – 2 – 4 am. The sky was clear earlier this evening. Rookie (so named because he is the “new guy”, he is quite an acconplished sailor) took turns with the binoculars enjoying the stars. Cloud cover was 100% when I came back on watch but it is clearing again. Davyd did yoeman s service today on the HF/MF (SSB)radio s antenna tuner. He got into the lazerate (he is the only one that really fits) and cleaned the connections. He also found a loose feed thru insulator and corrected it. Today we checked the battery water. It would not have been a big deal if we had not had to shift half our provisions to get to the batteries. Since 2009 I have been checking into the Maritime Mobile Service Net (Ham radio) on a daily basis when underway. They supported my trips across the Atlantic, in Europe and the Caribbean. Reboot is finally getting out of radio range. We now check in daily with the Pacific Seafaires net (Ham.) Fair winds and following seas 🙂 Please note your reply is l

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