Via Inmarsat:

1902 nm tn go. I struggled to wake for my midnight watch. Rookie had a mug of coffee (the exilar of the Gods) for me. I am life jacketed, PLBed. and harnessed in the cockpit of Reboot standing watch. The Japanese fishing boat showed up again. He made a close pass across our bow and is now a glow on the horizon. He would have rights if he was showing the “fishing” lights (red over white, fishing at night, green over white, trauling at night) but he is just showing normal “vessel under power”. Technically we have rights. However as was pointed out by Thucidies in ancient times “a collision at sea can ruin your entire day”. We have apparently finally escaped the weather patterns of the ITCZ. Another glorious day of blue skies and puffy clouds. I am looking at a proment southern cross in a sky alight with stars. I felt a thump. XO just landed on my lap. Nice to have company but the arrival was a bit of a surprise! We did a lot of sail changes today. We are more confident as a crew. Mainta

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