Via Inmarsat:

We are about 1800 nm from the Marquesas. The enormaty of this venture is starting to sink in! We have been focused on crossing the Pacific. Now that we are closing in on that goal I find us like the dog that chases cars and then catches one! What do we do next There are lots of islands between us and Asia not to mention several thousand more miles (at 100 nm per day). Do we fade South toward New Zealand or fade North toward Japan, Korea, and China? Or stay neutral and go direct Singapore? One thing is clear – we don t have a clue! We will be working hard at making friends with “local knowledge.” Of course the icing on the cake is avoiding typhoon season which is different North and South of the equator. If you were in our position you would hop on the Internet and start learning. Unfortunately WiFi is a little thin out here. Fair winds and following se Please note your reply is limited to 160 Latin characters or approximately 135 for non-Latin characters. Sent via Inmarsat. The mobile

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