Those far away places with the strange sounding names…

In Marina Pape ete, Pape ete, Tahiti, Society Islands, (French) Polynesia. (Our dock master tells us we are in Polynesia and the heck with the French!)This has been the port where “Pacific Crossing 2016” has really sunk in. We did it. Yes, thousands of nautical miles behind us, thousands more to go but here we are. Three days and two nights from Rangiora babying the rig as it is still not all replaced. Had to motor (I know, I know) the last sixty miles as the wind was below 3 knots. Got in in the middle of the night but Passage Pape ete is open and easy.Reboot is the little thing in the back of the huge boats. Better picture tomorrow when the sun is the other way.Fair winds and following seas 🙂


We have ben underway for several days from Nuku-Hiva. The winds have been very light and midday it has been very hot. With the cap shrouds and the forestay not yet replaced we have been babying the rig. This has been frustrating as some days we have only made 59 NM. But as Davyd always reminds us: Err on the side of caution.We have gotten much better at light air sailing. In only 8 or 9 knots of wind we are able to get Reboot up to 4 knots SOG. Not bad.Fair winds and following seas 🙂

Winklink for the Society Islabnds

Currently there is a “black hole” of Winlink coverage for boats cruising in the Central Pacific. This is both a safety and convenience concern. It is frequently difficult for boats to connect to the Winlink network and download weather information and email. I have created a “Kickstarter” project at

Reduction of stress

It has been about 6 weeks since we lost the lower shrouds on the way to the Marquesas. First the 12 days of getting to a safe port. Then the knowledge we were making no progress in Hiva-Oa. The trip to Nuka-Hiva arriving to find that our temporary fix had almost failed. Days of swapping blueprints and photographs while negotiating with the riggers in the US. Then having the two boxes of rigging get separated on their trip to Nuka-Hiva. All of that I dealt with pretty much OK. What drove me crazy was the sound of the temporary shrouds stretching and loosening as Reboot rocked in the anchorage. Tonight is the first night that I will be able to sleep without listening and imagining the mast is going to come down any minute.Fair winds and following seas 🙂