Vendor induced chaos

My frustration grows. In the beginning I had control of my stuff. Granted the screens were green, there were no graphics, and a fast modem (Hayes SmartModem) operated at 1200 baud. But I least I knew where my stuff was. And vendors weren t downloading useless crap in the background. And monitoring my every move. And installing useless apps that both monitored my every move and downloaded even more useless crap. Of course they also make it impossible to delete their useless crap without a PhD in Computer Science. Not to mention uploading my stuff without my permission to who knows where. (Only a fool thinks the “cloud” is safe.) Now that is bad enough. But it is not the focus of today s rant. (It did get some airtime however.) I rant today about vendor induced chaos. By this I mean the system where each vendor links their equipment to only their apps. I take a picture on my Amazon Fire. Can I upload it to my Google Drive. No. I have to upload it to the Amazon Drive (which I neither nee

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