Medang Island, Indonesia

At anchor. Rocking and Rolling. After a day of light winds got 20 knots and 4 foot seas on approach. Still blowing. Hope ot will calm down after sunset. Fair winds and following seas 🙂

Underway to Medang Island

ETA tonight. 1 POB + XO the Wonder Cat. With Chandara, Gambol, Kinabalu, Vague A Bond, Indigo II, Sedna. Fair winds and following seas 🙂


Departing Wera Bay for Kilo 1 POB. ETA late afternoon.– CAPT Roger J. Jones USN (ret.)Sailboat Reboot (MMSI 366 958 630)411 Walnut Street #9700, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043-3443Reboot s Agent s Email: and phone (201) 925-2581Reboot Email (in port only) rogerjohnjones@gmail.comReboot Phone: +61 (0) 476 468 335                       +1 (414) 326-9562Satellite Phone  (870) 776-4111-46Web Site: www.sailboatreboot.comBlogging: blog.sailboatreboot.comReboot position Radio: W2ZDB via Maritime Mobile Service Net 14.300 MhzHam Radio Email: This email is sent from an infrequently monitored mailbox.  It may take several days or weeks before REBOOT and I are in port where I can receive it.  Should you have an immediate need please contact me via Reboot s agent.

Dinghy Woes

My dinghy just collapsed. All three tubes are not holding air. I guess it had a good run. So, another $4,000 to $5,000 unplanned expense. Complicated by the fact that it is near impossible to buy a new one in Indonesia. Not to mention the 70% tariff. The good news is that I am still on the Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally so I can grab rides. Fair winds and following seas 🙂 My thoughts are with those in the path of the hurricane.