More Random Thoughs

I know that I have shared a bit of this with some of you individually so to you I apologize but it is just easier this way.

2. My renewed interest in music and music production has caused me to drag my laptop out of semi-storage and plug it back in after about a 6 month hiatus. Fortunately the marina has a decent high speed internet connection in the restaurant. The downside is that I have to lug the computer and all the other stuff up from the boat (where the internet is slow and flaky) to the restaurant. It took about three 6 hour days for all of the software updates to download. Then another day to download all the stuff not on auto download. Then a week to download all my game updates from Steam. Wow.

3. Having resisted buying a smart phone for years I finally took the plunge when my flip phone died about 8 months ago. It is amazing how all my other interfaces – computer, tablet, etc. were no longer necessary. At least except for very specific tasks: gaming and music.

4. For gam

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