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@font-face{font-family:Calibri;panose-1:2 15 5 2 2 2 4 3 2 4;}With all the news and fake news and partisan uproar my quote for the day: “All that we don’t know is astonishing. Even more astonishing is what passes for knowing.” PHILIP ROTH, The Human Stain

Donate to Nick Dwyer’s Crowdfunding Page to Nick and Barbara Nick and Barbara are currently aboard Reboot. If you choose to help them recover financially here is a link. Fair winds and following seas ☺

@font-face{font-family:Calibri;panose-1:2 15 5 2 2 2 4 3 2 4;}Hello, Can you help Nick Dwyer raise 50000 to Nick and Barbara ?. Please donate to their JustGiving Crowdfunding Page: Thanks for your support PS. With JustGiving Crowdfunding anyone can raise money to fund their own project – anything from setting up a foodbank, to buying a wheelchair for a relative or even saving a local football club. Want to raise money to make good things happen? Start your Crowdfunding Page today.

Nick and Barbara of sv Val

Nick and Barbara were dropped off on Reboot by the NSW Marine Police last night. We had some adult beverages and a good pasta dinner. They then got the first decent sleep in several days….Their story has gone global. They received telephone calls from Ireland and India asking for a statement. Also beautiful is the local outpouring of support including places to stay etc…The current plan is to see if we can locate sv Val and go retrieve her. …Fair winds and following seas ☺

SV Val update

On shore in Sydney and safe!Just had a long conversation with the SMP. Nick and his partner spent the night at SMP. Got a bath and a good sleep. Also got to clean their laundry.! They will be appearing on Channel 9 at about 8 am here in Sydney. If anyone can capture and post for those of us without TV that would be great.

The Devil’s Chessboard

With all of the discussion of the “shadow government” and the “deep state” I was motivated to read “The Devil s Chessboard.” The book, by Salon founder David Talbot, is a biography of Allan Dulles, early director of the CIA. Dulles, like J. Edgar Hover, was a man described as “giving direction to Presidents.” It is a fascinating story of deceit, anti-Semitism by the U.S. State Department, spys, Nazis, money, power and greed. It is a story of how the global business community was more interested in protecting their money than fighting World War II. Allan Dulles is portrayed as a facilitator, at times in direct opposition to his orders from the President of the United States.Missing for me is the detailed annotations i have come to expect in scholarly work. One has to accept Mr. Talbot s story at face value. Even so it is a heck of a story. Something for those long transits underway. Surprisingly to me the CIA even has a book review!Fair winds and following seas :)

SV Val update

SV Val update: Captain Nick and crew transferred to rescue boat Nemesis. Approximately 200 nm from Sydney harbor. ETA midnight tonight if sea conditions do not deteriorate further. Have heard from OCC port captain. Am now POC for Sydney Harbor Police. Have offered Reboot to house Nick and crew while they unwind. Don t think my offer has made it to Nemesis yet so waiting for reply.My contact information: +61 (0) 476 768 335Rebootagent@gmail.com winds and following seas ☺