Bummer Day

I have been planning to sail to a Penang over Christmas. But I have been waiting for boat parts that were scheduled to be here two days ago. Customs is holding them up for some reason. And of course closing for Christmas. The good news is I cleaned the threads on the maxi-prop so I can put the New anode on.Fair winds and following seas  😉


Winter Solstice

In the Northern hemisphere so today is the shortest day. Near the equator so it doesn t matter. Fair winds and following seas  🙂

Two factor authentication stupidity

I programmed all my adult life. It never ceases to amaze me how the average programmer is ignorant. The current example: two factor authentication. I am going to send you a text message to your phone. What if your phone can t receive text messages? You know, like Skype, land lines, etc.? Duh.Fair winds and following seas  🙂