Unleash the Kraken

One of my only disappointments with my Amazon Fire is that one can not purchase apps from the Google Store. Of course someone (actually many someones) has a hack. The one I used was: http://blog.the-ebook-reader.com/2016/07/02/how-to-install-google-play-on-fire-tablets-the-super-easy-way-no-pc-or-root/ I was then able to install Uber and took my first Uber ride to the boat store. All good.Fair winds and following seas 🙂

Amazon FAIL the saga continues

Chat Close WindowSound You are now connected to Shubhankar from Amazon.com Me:Do you have access to my previous chat history? Shubhankar:Hello, my name is Shubhankar. I’m here to help you today. Yes. Could you please tell me your issue. I will be happy to help you. Me:Downloading an email attachment Shubhankar:Could you please provide me the link? Me:I am not sure what you mean I am sure you are a nice person but you can not help me. What I need from you is for you to contact someone who can help me. If yo give me 3 minutes to type I qill explain. Shubhankar:Roger, I have read your previous chat conversation and as I understand that you received an attachment and you want to open on your kindle device but you are getting an error. Right? Me:Btw I have been an IT professional for 50+ years and write programs including for the Fire. This is a programming issue, not a customer service issue Yes Let me walk you through it. If you don’t understand stop me. Waiting for an OK from you. I am

Amazon FAIL – again

@font-face{font-family:Calibri;panose-1:2 15 5 2 2 2 4 3 2 4;}All I want to do is download a gpx file and transfer it to my computer. No problem. Wrong. It was early so sorry for the typos. Message From Customer Service Hello, Here’s a copy of the chat transcript you requested: Initial Question: How do I get my fire to download an attachment that can not be opened on my fire. 03:56 PM PDT Ellaine(Amazon): Hello Roger, my name is Ellaine from Kindle Customer Care. I’ll be happy to help you today. 03:57 PM PDT Roger John Jones: Hi 03:57 PM PDT Ellaine: Just to verify if I got it correctly, the attachment cannot be open to your Fire and you’d like to download it. right? 03:57 PM PDT Roger John Jones: An email.attachment Yes 03:58 PM PDT Roger John Jones: I get a mesage that says “this file can not be opened on your device.” 03:59 PM PDT Ellaine: I see and sorry to know that. 03:59 PM PDT Roger John Jones: That is not a problem because I don’ 03:59 PM PDT Ellaine: No worries, let me check

//WL2K Amazon Fire – NOT

When my :ASUS eeePc died I purchased an Amazon Fire. I needed something light weight that I could carry easily to WiFi hot spots and do my mail, banking, etc. The Fire seemed the perfect device. And it was…. UNTIL>>> As happened with my Kindle on my Atlantic passage about 3 days out of Panama the Fire told me I had a rights management issue. It would not let me read any of the books I had loaded up for the trip. More importantly it would not let me read the cruising guides I needed to make good decisions and safe landfalls. When we arrived in Hiva-Oa and I could make an Internet connection the Fire continued to give me fits. Among other things I could not contact Amazon tech support. I finally asked Paul to contact them, their answer “they all do that.” Great! The answer was simple. De-register the Fire, then re-register it. So I de-registered it. It refused to re-register. It also turned off my access to my email, the web browser, and anything else I might have found useful in debu