The front of all wisdom

I lovingly call my brother “the font of all wisdom.” Here is his trivia comment for the day:The Germans call today, 9 November, the “Schicksaltag” – the “Day of Fate.”  Not only did the Berlin Wall come down (1989), but also Kaiser Bill abdicated (1918), Hitler s Beer Hall Putsch took place (1923) and, most notoriously, the Nazis conducted their Kristallnacht pogrom (1938).  I wondered in 1989 if the East Germans let the Wall open on the same day as the Kristallnacht to drown that memory, but in fact it s pure coincidence – a result of an unforced error by the DDR s press spokesman.  The Germans considered using November 9 as their reunification date, but opted not to do so – so that the event would not overshadow the memory of the pogrom.In “To the Sun for Freedom,” Peter Siefert goes through the Wall at the Bormholmer Strasse crossing at about 10:30 PM.BTW “To the Sun for Freedom” is one of Al s (unpublished) books.   Fair winds and following seas 🙂