American Politics

What a crazy time. As a temporary ex-pat in Sydney, Australia the locals ask me about President Trump, Russia, Obamagate (the allegation that President Obama had then candidate Trump s phone tapped (as was proven Obama did to a reporter,) allegations of sedition by former President Obama and his supporters etc. Since like them I have to depend on what imho, is a deeply flawed and partisan media, my answer is “who knows, we live in interesting times.” I feel the USA has become the first “banana republic” with a free press. Very weird. Given the focus on contacts with Russians I have stopped visiting “beautiful single Russian women who want to meet men” web sites. I hope this keeps me out of the news.#wiretap #obamagate #MAGA @Potus #resistance #seditionRoger sv Reboot +61 (0)476 768 335

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Crazy day. Becalmed for 3 hours. Put up asym was able to make way in very light air. At sunset wind increased to 30 knots and stayed that way until dawn. It finally moderated to 15. We are entering the area of the intertropical convergance zone. Fair winds and following seas. Please note your reply is limited to 160 Latin characters or approximately 135 for non-Latin characters. Sent via Inmarsat. The mobile satellite company