What happened?

Twenty-five year ago I tried to encrypt my email. It didn t work. My recipients laughed and ignored my emails. Twenty-five years ago I cautioned my sons “be careful what you post on the Internet, it is forever long after the initial context is gone. They laughted.¬†A couple of days ago I posted a relatively passive commentary about the tax bill. I received a response that I thought was lucid and insightful. I asked the respondent if I could post their response without attribution. The answer was no. What was shocking was the why.¬†Paraphrasing “I am unwilling to expose myself to the hateful attacks of the left to include physical danger to myself and my family.” What saddened me was that I could not disagree.Paranoia? I thought about this and the results were frightening. It was already all over. Google had read the text of his email – as they do to every email to a gmail account. Somewhere without any privacy regulation his political views were available to Google s AI. And Googles e

With a Bow to Fozzie Bear

From a recent email exchange: ———————————- “It looks like there is a window at 0000 UTC Sunday (midnight Sat night.) Our plan is to go due East about two to three days, as the wind clocks establish a vector direct BVI. The wind is predicted to shift to the N so it will be a downwind sleigh ride. Slightly more detail. Be ready to leave around 6 PM Saturday. Wait for the wind to clock.to the South. Leave on a broad reach. Might have winds to 25 knots for a day or two – looks like there will be a calm to the immediate South. Clearpoint Weather suggests that there will be strong winds (25 to 30) but as the front passes they will moderate quickly (at the moment Sun 8 1900 UTC. So watch and wait but be ready to go. Plan is to blast due East on West winds, start working SE as the wind clocks. Cross Gulf Stream between 74 – 72 (where the stream seems to be heading East) on a West wind. Would love to know what the remainder of the fleet is thinking. Also if this seems lik