I just finished reading “Sayonara” by James Mitchner. I have read quite a few of his books but this was the first I have read in years.The story is a romance set during the Korean War. The theme is similar to the Puchini Opera “Madam Butterfly” which is referenced several times in the text.Plunk plunk plunk na be ba  bump  (as the sun rises.)This link will take you to the history. written and tender. I learned about the “Takarazuka Girls”, an entertainment that survives today. The word pictures of the theater performances had me closing my eyes and visualizing. A most enjoyable read. Fair winds and following seas  🙂

Passage: Banda to South Buru

Just finished the passage from the Banda Islands to South Buru, Indonesia. It was a two day downwind trip in light air that left me both annoyed and frustrated. A few observations:1. Even gentle seas (less than three feet) with waves abaft the beam can set up a rolling motion that “snaps” the sails. The motion creates a wind that collapses the sail on each roll. This results in a “snap” as the sail fills on the reverse roll. Not only does this beat up the sail but it slows the boat down. The closer to dead down the worse the effect.2. Solo sailing places constraints that can be very frustrating. When “Harmonic” blew past me with their asymmetric spinnaker I rued my lack of crew. I have a beautiful asymmetric in a sail bag on my bunk. It is difficult but not impossible to rig with two, easy with three, suicidal solo!3. Some sail configurations are more stable than others. Going “dead down” (wind at 150

Via Inmarsat:

Finished long tack NW takingadvantage of unusual NNE winds. Now North in latitude of Hiva-Oa again. New tack giving more West than South improving VMG Waypoint. Now 280 nm to go. Have run into the World ARC rally of 33 boats. Not happy since Hiva-Oa is asmall harbor and small island. Know they are north of us from shore side trackers but have had no AIS or visual contact. Fair winds and following seas. Please note your reply is limited to 160 Latin characters or approximately 135 for non-Latin characters. Sent via Inmarsat. The mobile satellite company