Windows 1.0

My relationship with my Kindle Fire reminds me of Windows 1.0. Today I went to the art museum. I tried to upload a couple of photos. It uploaded 59 pictures from something called my “Amazon Album.” I can t find most of these pictures on my Fire. I can t find them on the web. Then I tried to create an album in the ” Prime Photos app. Which of course was installed as purchase crap that I can t uninstall. The pictures I had just taken were not available. And no I don t autosave to the hacker universe a.k.a the “cloud.” WTFHELPFair winds and following seas πŸ™‚

24 GB

What a difference 24 extra GB makes. Bought a new Kindle Fire as I had cracked the screen on my old one. The new one has 24 GB more internal storage. Response time is like night and day.Fair winds and following seas πŸ™‚

Kindle Fire help

When I post my blog to Facebook through a forwarder it drops all the CR/LF data. This is unique to my Facebook posts. All the other sites render it correctly. Is there a key sequence for a “hard” carriage return on the Fire?….. Blast from the past: in 1968 I operated an IBM 1620β„’ computer*. The operator console was an IBM Selectricβ„’ typewriter. We amused ourselves by writing routines to make it loop “tab, tab, tab,tab, cr/lf.” Not quite as satisfying as it would have been with a full carriage. We were young, male, and stupid…….* I also walked 20 miles to school each day through a blizzard; uphill both ways……Fair winds and following seas πŸ™‚

Unleash the Kraken

One of my only disappointments with my Amazon Fire is that one can not purchase apps from the Google Store. Of course someone (actually many someones) has a hack. The one I used was: I was then able to install Uber and took my first Uber ride to the boat store. All good.Fair winds and following seas πŸ™‚

//WL2K Amazon Fire – NOT

When my :ASUS eeePc died I purchased an Amazon Fire. I needed something light weight that I could carry easily to WiFi hot spots and do my mail, banking, etc. The Fire seemed the perfect device. And it was…. UNTIL>>> As happened with my Kindle on my Atlantic passage about 3 days out of Panama the Fire told me I had a rights management issue. It would not let me read any of the books I had loaded up for the trip. More importantly it would not let me read the cruising guides I needed to make good decisions and safe landfalls. When we arrived in Hiva-Oa and I could make an Internet connection the Fire continued to give me fits. Among other things I could not contact Amazon tech support. I finally asked Paul to contact them, their answer “they all do that.” Great! The answer was simple. De-register the Fire, then re-register it. So I de-registered it. It refused to re-register. It also turned off my access to my email, the web browser, and anything else I might have found useful in debu

Via Inmarsat:

Joy of joys. My Kindle Fire has gone sneakers up. Some problem with the digital rights management. Can not read anything. Not to worry says Amazon. Connect to wifi to fix. Sure, in 25 days! Quality! Another night of rain showers. Then a clear sky and stars for 4 hours. It is overcast again this morning. Decent wind but wind and waves on the beam so we are rolling a lot. Sometime in the night the asym sail fell overboard and we have been dragging it in the sock. We will not know if it was damaged until we can put it back up. It looks ok but cost us 1.5 knots while in the water. At least it is clean! Fair winds and following seas πŸ™‚ Please note your reply is limited to 160 Latin characters or approximately 135 for non-Latin characters. Sent via Inmarsat. The mobile satellite company

On Fire

Those of you who follow me know that I destroyed my ASUS weePS a few days ago. It has been replaced by a Kindle Fire 8. I can now read emails and blog without having to carry 20 lbs. of gaming computer to shore. I am in the process of getting acquainted. At the same time I am getting getting Reboot ready to head for St. Martin this weekend. Speaking of “on fire” I used my new kindle unlimited subscription to read “The Hunger Games.” I saw about half of the movies and could not stand them. The books were a very pleasant surprise. Fair winds and following seas πŸ™‚