//WL2K Hiva-Oa

At long last checked into French Polynesia! French Polynesia requires either an agent s guarantee, a bond, or an airplane ticket to check a boat in. Short story, agent didn t like our health insurance, bank could not process two of our credit cards, and we arrived on Good Friday. This morning with a combination of bonds and airplane tickets we finally received our visas. We planned to leave for Nuka-Hiva as the repair facilities here in Hiva-Oa are just about non-existent. Our only requirement (since we intend to motor so as to not put stress on the rig) was to purchase diesel fuel. They are out! They expect to get some Monday but are not sure what time. It appears we will leave Tuesday as we need a morning departure to arrive in Nuka-Hiva during daylight. This morning after getting our visas we went to Chez Elaine to celebrate. It is Saturday here – that is the day everything is closed. Alex took us in and fed us breakfast even though he was closed! What a great guy and a great place