Underway to New Caledonia (Oct 25 6:00 UTC)

A frustrating day. After making good progress the wind died today. Reboot has had winds of less than 6 knots for the last 8 hours. Fortunately she is light enough that we have still been making way. There was only one short period when I had to hand steer as the autopilot could not hold course. I had to alter course a bit to stay close hauled to build apparent wind. We are still heading (slowly) in the right general direction.I am about 100 nm from a decision point. I can turn north and head for port in New Caledonia. Or I can just continue on to Bundeburg, Australia. I don t have a strong need to make port. Hurricane season is fast approaching so I could only stay a couple of days. I might have mail (and possibly Matt) waiting but I would have to pay clearance fees. After my recent repairs my pockets are pretty empty. If the weather forecast continues for light air I will stop. If it fills back in I will continue to Australia directly.Fair winds and following seas 🙂

//WL2K A lony, wet, frustrating day

This is the rainy season in the Marquesas so it is to be expected that we will get rain on and off. Last night we got quite the downpour and today we had a couple of interludes of heavy rain. But most of the time we get a light drizzle. We did some boat projects today. Then we headed up to town to deal with the immigration bond. No joy! We will go again tomorrow armed with credit cards, satellite phone, and a winning attitude. We got back to Reboot and went for a swim. We took some of the time in the water to do a light scrub. The area above the anti-fouling has gotten a little bit of green even the couple of days we have been here. Fair winds and following seas 🙂