The Devil’s Chessboard

With all of the discussion of the “shadow government” and the “deep state” I was motivated to read “The Devil s Chessboard.” The book, by Salon founder David Talbot, is a biography of Allan Dulles, early director of the CIA. Dulles, like J. Edgar Hover, was a man described as “giving direction to Presidents.” It is a fascinating story of deceit, anti-Semitism by the U.S. State Department, spys, Nazis, money, power and greed. It is a story of how the global business community was more interested in protecting their money than fighting World War II. Allan Dulles is portrayed as a facilitator, at times in direct opposition to his orders from the President of the United States.Missing for me is the detailed annotations i have come to expect in scholarly work. One has to accept Mr. Talbot s story at face value. Even so it is a heck of a story. Something for those long transits underway. Surprisingly to me the CIA even has a book review!Fair winds and following seas :)