Here in Mosman, Australia a lot of the young people attend private school. This means a lot of young people in school uniforms. There are apparently quite a few schools as the uniforms are quite varied. Almost all of boys have ties. A good portion of them also have jackets. The girls have either dresses (styled in the 1950 s) or skirts and blouses, some with jackets.I would most likely not have paid more much attention if it were not for the hats. The boys uniforms hats are almost all “boaters.” The girls styles are more varied. They are so cute!I have always found it ironic that JFK going bare headed ended the tradition of men wearing hats in the USA. Jackie O on the other hand was always impeccably dressed. She always wore a hat.Fair winds and following seas 🙂

Downloading Garmin Charts

Allow me to save you a lot of time. As we are about to pass thru the Panama Canal I wanted to purchase and download new charts for our 52×2 chart plotters. They download to SD cards. After 5 1/2 hours of frustration let me offer the following: You can not use the Chrome browser to find and download charts You can not use the Microsoft Edge browser to find and download charts You must use Internet Explorer (available in Windows 10 if you use the search function and search for Internet Explorer) You must have a Garmin account You must have registered your chart plotter in your Garmin account At this point you will actually be able to discover what charts you need, pay for them, and download them to a SD card on your computer. Fair winds and following seas 🙂