MaiKai Marina and Yacht Club

This is Jessica, one of the owners of the MaiKai Marina and Yacht Club. We arrived here from Raiatea this afternoon. Davyd and Michael will be leaving Reboot here.Fair wins and following seas 🙂

Those far away places with the strange sounding names…

In Marina Pape ete, Pape ete, Tahiti, Society Islands, (French) Polynesia. (Our dock master tells us we are in Polynesia and the heck with the French!)This has been the port where “Pacific Crossing 2016” has really sunk in. We did it. Yes, thousands of nautical miles behind us, thousands more to go but here we are. Three days and two nights from Rangiora babying the rig as it is still not all replaced. Had to motor (I know, I know) the last sixty miles as the wind was below 3 knots. Got in in the middle of the night but Passage Pape ete is open and easy.Reboot is the little thing in the back of the huge boats. Better picture tomorrow when the sun is the other way.Fair winds and following seas 🙂

B.V.I Marine Management Inc.

While in Nanny Cay Marina we had need for some machine shop support The tube that locks the swing door for the Monitor wind vane had become distorted. After disassembling half the Monitor we got it loose. The distortion needed to be ground out. Enter B.V.I. Marine Management. They did a nice job of getting the tube back to round. The next day we were checking the rigging and found one of the shrouds very loose. Alas the turnbuckle was jammed and would not respond to multiple applications of “Blaster.” We managed to get the clevis pin loose and detached the turnbuckle from the shroud. Down to B.V.I. Marine again. They were able to get it loose and return it to Reboot

The Death Spiral

Nanny Cay Marina Today we escaped from the Death Spiral. It works like this. When offshore one does not have access to normal things, like laundry. Throw in that every once in a while a wave will board the boat. This results in one’s clothing being soaked in salt water. Since clothing soaked in salt water doesn’t like to dry one changes into clean clothing. Of course since one has not bathed one’s body is pretty ripe. End result. Come into port with dirty hair, a beard, no clean clothing smelling like a goat. Find the laundry lady to do the laundry. There is no point in washing up as there is no clean clothing to put on. Wait for the laundry to be done. Take shower, shave, etc. “You clean up pretty good!” Fair winds and following seas 🙂