Working on the rig

Ever since we replaced the mid shrouds the rig has been making funny noises. We have been trying to figure out what is going on with little success. We did discover that the new fittings had worked loose and tightened them several times. Today we loosened each shroud so that we could lubricate the fittings. Much to our surprise as soon as we loosened the port mid it unwound about three revolutions while making the noise that has been driving me crazy. We let it settle after applying lubricant. When I tightened up the turnbuckle the noise was gone. I have no clue how the shroud got twisted. It is 19 strand wire. Half of the wires are laid clockwise and the other half counter clockwise. It is a mystery. Given the 20 knot winds in the anchorage we were unable to do a good static tune but we got close. I am hoping we have solved the problem. Fair winds and following seas 🙂


Via Inmarsat:

Standing second mid – 2 – 4 am. The sky was clear earlier this evening. Rookie (so named because he is the “new guy”, he is quite an acconplished sailor) took turns with the binoculars enjoying the stars. Cloud cover was 100% when I came back on watch but it is clearing again. Davyd did yoeman s service today on the HF/MF (SSB)radio s antenna tuner. He got into the lazerate (he is the only one that really fits) and cleaned the connections. He also found a loose feed thru insulator and corrected it. Today we checked the battery water. It would not have been a big deal if we had not had to shift half our provisions to get to the batteries. Since 2009 I have been checking into the Maritime Mobile Service Net (Ham radio) on a daily basis when underway. They supported my trips across the Atlantic, in Europe and the Caribbean. Reboot is finally getting out of radio range. We now check in daily with the Pacific Seafaires net (Ham.) Fair winds and following seas 🙂 Please note your reply is l

Via Inmarsat:

I am standing mid-watch. Although overcast the moon is shining through and we can see occasional stars. Reboot is making 6 knots and rocking gently in 3 foot seas. We are under the influnce of the south equatorial current. Last night when we were drifting the bow was pointed east (toward the current) while we drifted with the current (west). Wild. Today I realized that the weather is similar to the Gulf Stream. Perhaps that is because the conditions are similar – a flow of warm water with cooler water on both sides. It only took a week to figure it out. I am so quick! The Boobies continue to ride along. Rookie has wacked them when they land on the solar panel. They have moved to the bow. B. F. Skinner would be proud of them. I can hear their calls as they search for dinner. My watch is over but I am wide awake so I am standing Davyd s watch. The two principal states on a long passage are boredom and exhaustion. Davyd had an exhausting watch early this morning. This is my way of glving