Underway 1 November 0755 utc

Reboot is about 175 nm from Bundeburg. Yesterday the winds got light and we slowed down for about 12 hours. After sunset (of course) the wind freshened and shifted to the north. For a while we we going up wind. This was actually nice as the apparent wind shift gave us some more speed until the wind filled in. In the middle of the night XO retrieved a 12″ fish that had landed on the deck and brought it to me as a prize. It was still alive and filled the salon area with scales as it flopped around. One retrieved he lost interest so, still flopping, I consigned it overboard. Radio communications have been very poor. Apparently there is a magnetic storm. This has made getting weather charts and forecasts impossible. Fortunately I also have a satellite telephone. I keep my shore staff apprised of my position. They can notify me if I am heading into bad weather. The down side is it is very expensive. Only a couple of more days. Fair winds and following seas 🙂

Underway 3 November 0438 utc

Just to the south of Bundeburg, Australia there is a peninsula that encloses a large bay. I have crossed over from the ocean into shallow (80 – 150 ft) depths. I am still 38 nm from Bundeburg and can not yet see land. I should arrive at the harbor entrance tonight. I will anchor nearby. It is rarely a good idea to enter a new harbor at night.Yesterday was a bear of a day. A front passed over Reboot. The wind clocked 270 degrees from north east to south east over an 18 hour period. We also had 30 knot winds, rain, and 8 foot seas. Far from a fun day. Frequent trimming and reefing was the agenda. The wind would pick up and then die and then pick up again. Reef down in high wind, reef up to keep underway in the calms. For about 12 hours there was no good route to my destination so I just tacked back and forth and lost 17 nm of progress. Eventually it passed through and I was underway again. So far the only really trying day of the trip. Fair winds and following seas 🙂

//WL2K Gorda Sound, BVI, 29 November

We have been experiencing a number of line squalls all day. We decided to stay here as the weather forecast suggested rain and strong gusts and nature delivered. Forrest has started to review his material for his 6 pack marine license and I have been reading from my Kindle library. After almost getting the batteries down to 25% due to bilge pump action in the Gulf Stream we are back up to where we can use our electronics pretty much at will. The batteries are recharged by about 10 AM even with the computers running. I have noted the lack of decent WiFi. On the one hand makes one feel a little cut off. On the other hand we do spend more time watching the RC44 races and paying attention to the goings on in the mooring field. One nice thing about Paradise, when we get hot we just jump off the stern nd wash and cool off. We changed the propane line over from the cabin heater to the grill at lunch and celebrated by cooking up some hot dogs. Now that we know it is working we will get some w