The afternoon siesta

After what seems to be a month of overcast weather we are now blessed with sunshine. The downside is that it is so hot at midday that it is difficult to get work done (as in we don t feel like working in the hot sun.) Since it is almost spring the days are getting longer so we concentrate our work in early morning and late afternoon.Fair winds and following seas 🙂

Overcast in Savusavu

Each day we get some morning sun followed by overcast and rain. This is better than Vava a where we got rain all the time. At least the forecast is for this stationary mess to finally break up over the next couple of days.

Via Inmarsat:

I am standing mid-watch. Although overcast the moon is shining through and we can see occasional stars. Reboot is making 6 knots and rocking gently in 3 foot seas. We are under the influnce of the south equatorial current. Last night when we were drifting the bow was pointed east (toward the current) while we drifted with the current (west). Wild. Today I realized that the weather is similar to the Gulf Stream. Perhaps that is because the conditions are similar – a flow of warm water with cooler water on both sides. It only took a week to figure it out. I am so quick! The Boobies continue to ride along. Rookie has wacked them when they land on the solar panel. They have moved to the bow. B. F. Skinner would be proud of them. I can hear their calls as they search for dinner. My watch is over but I am wide awake so I am standing Davyd s watch. The two principal states on a long passage are boredom and exhaustion. Davyd had an exhausting watch early this morning. This is my way of glving