Wedding View (With picture!)

Newlywed couples stand in line to have their pictures taken with this background. I joked that we should put up a velvet rope and charge admission. Fair winds and following seas  🙂

The fourth picture.

After great demand (one reader.) Hope I finally got it right.Hyacinthe Gabrielle Roland, a French actress (and possible prostitute) who like “the Polastron,” escaped the Revolution. She married Richard Wellesley the first Marquis Wellesley, after they lived together for quite a while and had a few children. One of same, to wit Anne Wellesley, is in Queen Elizabeth s (and therefore Prince Chuck s and Duke William s and Prince George s line, via her mother the Queen Mother s mother s.Princess Frederica (or Fredericke) is in a private collection.The Duchesse de Polignac is at the Museum of Versailles and the TrianonThe self-portrait is at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, TexasHyacinthe Roland, the Queen s ancestor, is the Legion of Honor building of the San Francisco Museum of Fine ArtsFair winds and following seas 🙂