Question: When is an ICOM IC-M23 not an ICOM IC-M23.Answer: Always.And this is the story. I have two handheld radios on board Reboot. Despite changing them, installing new batteries and being very careful in their use they always die long before I am done. Since a handheld is a major safety item in the dinghy I decided I better purchase a new one before heading to Indonesia. Icomâ„¢ makes excellent radio equipment. They were my choice. I purchased the IC-M23 as I only needed a budget model. My only concern was the charger. Australia is 240V 50Hz and Reboot is wired for 110V 60Hz. Most new electronics come with “world chargers” as did the Icom. A simple plug adapter and I was good to go. Or so I thought. I was wrong. It turns out that Icom tailors their radios to “country of use.” As a world cruiser my answer is of course ALL OF THEM! That is not how it works. My new radio has International and US channel sets but does not have Canadian or ATIS. Interesting. And disappointing. Another

Upwind woes

Question:Reboot (a 42 Catalina) is an excellent light air boat. That is great most of the time. Rounding Fisher Island into Hervey Bay (near Bundaberg, Australia) I was confronted with 25 knot winds gusting 30 and 2 meter breaking seas. My destination (Bundaberg) was directly up wind. With my jib set at 30% of “J” I was close to theoretical hull speed. My main was on the “fourth reef”, that is the furling bag on the boom. I couldn t point high enough to make any real headway. When I tacked the set and drift nullified my progress. I was solo sailing but considered putting up the main to the third reef to point higher. I was very concerned that I ll lose control if I did. Being solo means all sail changes are very slow. Thoughts on how you would handle this situation?Postscript: Finding myself blown 25 nm north of Bundaberg with wind and wave forecast unchanged for the next three days and low on fuel I boogied to Gladstone. I considered motoring into Bundaberg but could only make about

Allen Wrench Question (Help)

If you know the proper name for an allen wrench with a hole in the middle (hollow shaft) for use on anti-theft screws please email me at rebootagent @gmail.com. I want to buy a spare but don t know what to ask for/Google. If anyone has a source in Sydney, Australia that would be gravy..Thanks

RE: Adhesive

Hello Capt. Jones, I m afraid I can t help you with your question. Tanks come with the fittings attached. We don t attach them. The plastic is probably fused together during the manufacturing process but I can t say for sure. Epoxy might work. Best I can help you with is a replacement tank. From your photo it looks like the 30 gallon B202 which sell for $403.33. Please let me know if I can help you further with this. Regards, Len Len Keller Catalina Yachts Parts Dept. 7200 Bryan Dairy Road Largo, FL 33777 727-544-6681 x266 lkeller@catalinayachts.com parts@catalinayachts.com —–Original Message—– From: Roger John Jones [mailto:rebootagent@gmail.com] Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2016 12:09 AM To: Len Keller ; Reboot Blog Subject: Adhesive Please look at the photo. The black object is the forward waste holding tank. The white fitting is attached to the tank. After many years the adhesive decided to fail. (Be very glad you were elsewhere.) We cleaned both the tank and the fitting and app