Brisbane River anchorage

Last night I exited the Brisbane River like a thief. I have enjoyed my time in Brisbane but the facilities leave a great deal to be desired. I anchored in the river between Mowbray Park and New Farm. The bottom is mud and the strong current reverses. This means the anchor resets four tines a day. And drags. I solved this problem by adding a stern anchor to keep from swinging out into the channel. That worked until both anchors started to drag. Last night at slack tide I had enough, hauled both anchors and departed.There are a lot of mooring balls (and boats) in the river but almost no guest balls. The mooring fields occupy the best anchorages. It is hard to find a spot as the few guest facilities are almost always full. Finding a place to land a dinghy is also difficult. The fields are not well marked. Traveling down the river at night I had to keep a very sharp lookout to prevent Reboot from hitting moored boats with dim anchor lights.Then of course there are the Citi-Cats. These fer


It is the middle of the night here on the Brisbane River and all is still. XO woke me. His water bowl was empty. The tide is turning and there is no wind. I am sitting in the cockpit. The interior is stifling. XO is standing guard to repel boarders. I will most likely doze until sunrise. A very quiet moment.Fair winds and following seas 🙂

Help wanted

I am currently anchored in the Brisbane River near Mowbray Park Citi-Cat station. I need to repair the steering. This requires someone to hold bolts in the cockpit while I work in the engine room. I do not need, nor do I want to pay for a marine mechanic. The only requirement is to be able to hold a wrench. I am looking for a way to get in touch with someone who can help me out.Thanks.

The Tilt

Reboot is experiencing the “tilt.” I am anchored in a river. Reboot is under three influences: tide; wind; and current. The multifunction display chart has been keeping track of my position since my arrival. The right circle is prior to my biosecurity inspection, the left after I returned. You can see that we swing around a lot. In absence of other impacts Reboot aligns with bow to the wind. She does have a tendency to sail around her anchor but in general stays in a single direction. What makes life interesting here is when the current and or tide effect is strong and different than the wind. Since the hull is in the water which is much more dense than air Reboot tends to align with the current. This can, as it is right now, put the wind on the beam. Since Reboot is locked in direction by the current the only thing she can do is heel. With the current winds at 20 -25 knots the heel is quite apparent. As the tide changes we will spin around to a new alignment hence the circles on the