At anchor Tanjung-Pinang

All safe. Horrible harbor. Shallow approach. Waked by a fast ferry. Harbor full of floating garbage. Lots of boat traffic. Not reassuring. This is the place we are scheduled to check out of Indonesia. I think they could have picked a better place. Fair winds and following seas 🙂


At anchor. All safe. Miserable trip. Light winds. Heavy rain. Limited visibility. Many fish aggregation devices as hazards. almost invisible on radar. Hazards invisible on radar during rainstorms. Arrived in rain. Anchored. Reboot rolling 20 to 30 degrees as is everyone else. Departed with wet laundry. Expected to be able to dry in transit. That didn t work out. Entire interior and exterior sopping wet. More rain expected as we are almost on the equator. Fair winds and following seas. 🙂

SV Val update

On shore in Sydney and safe!Just had a long conversation with the SMP. Nick and his partner spent the night at SMP. Got a bath and a good sleep. Also got to clean their laundry.! They will be appearing on Channel 9 at about 8 am here in Sydney. If anyone can capture and post for those of us without TV that would be great.