Tax Bill

Some random thoughts: 1. There was an opportunity to greatly simplify the tax system. Based purely on the length of the bill that didn’t happen. 2. Historically business reacts to tax cuts in three steps: (1) Executives feather their own nests. (2) Money goes into dividends (raising the value of your 401(k)) and stock buybacks (raising the value of your equity investments and stock index funds.) (3) Money finally gets to the workers as the economy heats up (3.9% 3rd quarter growth.) 3. 2027 is an interesting year. By then we will have had 5 new Congresses, potentially 2 new Presidents (President Trump gets 2 more, next President gets 4, next President gets 4, Next President gets 4 or 8,) and very possibly 3+ new Supreme Court Judges. So from the government side a lot of change (even seesawing) is possible. 4. Also in 2027 half of the first year baby boomers (born in 1946) will be dead. (That is my birth year so I am hoping I am not one of them.) For the next 20 years (until 2047) each

Early evening thoughts

It is about 5:30 pm as I sit on Reboot. Today was a long but very productive day. After what seems like an eternity I finally managed to get to the point where I could reach a decision about the new rigging.Much to my surprise there was an almost $2,000 difference between the highest and lowest quotes. There was also a significant difference in lead times : 3 to 5 days at the short end and 7 to 10 days at the long end. The shipping times were all the same: 10 to 15 days via FedEx. The nice thing, of there is a nice thing, is that I now feel free to do some exploration rather than spending each day working on rigging quotes. We have reserved a car for tomorrow and if the weather is nice will explore Nuku-Hiva. At $130 US per day it is a far cry from the Enterprise Rent a Car $19.95 weekend special! When in paradise accept the costs of paradise.Our days here have become routine. We usually go into shore in mid-morning to check email and for me to work on the rigging quotes. Some shoppin