I originally posted this on a cruising web site but it deserves to be shared with all my readers…Warning – RANT ONOn another cruising forum I was complaining about their recent policy to charge money for webinars. It got me in a mood. On a day when many are sharing the blessings of a Saint with good Irish whiskey I share the posts without further comment.FREE FREE FREEI complain again (although no one seems to be listening) that XXXX is now a business (that, I admit, doesn t pay well.) What happened to cruisers helping cruisers? I do a radio seminar at rallies (for free.) I just put a couple who lost their boat in the Tasman Sea up on Reboot (for free.) (…)************My second post.Having had time to work myself up to a dither…..I would be remiss if I did not comment on all those who for FREE have helped keep me safe and sane for the last eight years of cruising.Top Contributors: KI4MMZ, KM4MA, W3ZU. For daily position reports and weather information, coordinating with several