//WL2K Hiva-Oa

At long last checked into French Polynesia! French Polynesia requires either an agent s guarantee, a bond, or an airplane ticket to check a boat in. Short story, agent didn t like our health insurance, bank could not process two of our credit cards, and we arrived on Good Friday. This morning with a combination of bonds and airplane tickets we finally received our visas. We planned to leave for Nuka-Hiva as the repair facilities here in Hiva-Oa are just about non-existent. Our only requirement (since we intend to motor so as to not put stress on the rig) was to purchase diesel fuel. They are out! They expect to get some Monday but are not sure what time. It appears we will leave Tuesday as we need a morning departure to arrive in Nuka-Hiva during daylight. This morning after getting our visas we went to Chez Elaine to celebrate. It is Saturday here – that is the day everything is closed. Alex took us in and fed us breakfast even though he was closed! What a great guy and a great place

//WL2K A lony, wet, frustrating day

This is the rainy season in the Marquesas so it is to be expected that we will get rain on and off. Last night we got quite the downpour and today we had a couple of interludes of heavy rain. But most of the time we get a light drizzle. We did some boat projects today. Then we headed up to town to deal with the immigration bond. No joy! We will go again tomorrow armed with credit cards, satellite phone, and a winning attitude. We got back to Reboot and went for a swim. We took some of the time in the water to do a light scrub. The area above the anti-fouling has gotten a little bit of green even the couple of days we have been here. Fair winds and following seas 🙂

//WL2K Amazon Fire – NOT

When my :ASUS eeePc died I purchased an Amazon Fire. I needed something light weight that I could carry easily to WiFi hot spots and do my mail, banking, etc. The Fire seemed the perfect device. And it was…. UNTIL>>> As happened with my Kindle on my Atlantic passage about 3 days out of Panama the Fire told me I had a rights management issue. It would not let me read any of the books I had loaded up for the trip. More importantly it would not let me read the cruising guides I needed to make good decisions and safe landfalls. When we arrived in Hiva-Oa and I could make an Internet connection the Fire continued to give me fits. Among other things I could not contact Amazon tech support. I finally asked Paul to contact them, their answer “they all do that.” Great! The answer was simple. De-register the Fire, then re-register it. So I de-registered it. It refused to re-register. It also turned off my access to my email, the web browser, and anything else I might have found useful in debu

//WL2K Scared Sh&*(less

Current Position: Hiva-Oa, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean I always thought the subject and interesting expression. Not my problem in times of high stress. We transited the Panama Canal on the 14th and 15th of February. We arrived at the Balboa Yacht Club for fuel. We had intended to spend the night but were totally put off by the facilities. At 0000z (midnight UTC on 16 February) we headed out into the Pacific Ocean – destination Hiva-Oa, French Polynesia. This is a 4,100 nautical mile passage and we expected it to take about 41 days. The first 2,900 nm were normal for a passage: boredom, frustration, boredom, exhaustion, boredom. Wash, rinse, repeat. On the morning of March 12th I noticed that the port lower shroud was loose. I went to tightened it and discovered that it was almost completely tight. Going over to its partner, the lower starboard shroud I discovered that several of the strands of the 1×19 wire had snapped. I tightened things up. About 3 hours later

//WL2K At anchor, Charlotte Amile Harbor, St. Thomas, USVI

We spent yesterday sorting out our engine problems. We spliced back the leaking hose. We added anti-freeze to the closed loop system. Since by the time we were done we were already committed to pay for another day at Yacht Haven Grand Marina we spent the night. This morning I went out and picked up more anti-freeze. I brought back two gallons only to discover that we were only about one cup short! Oh well, now we have lots of spare anti-freeze. All in two nights at the Yacht Haven Grand Marina – $388.78. A mere bag of shells. Of course this marina is not set up for people like us (poor) but rather for the mega rich. Standing out among the other mega-yachts in the harbor is the 5th largest privately owned yacht in the world (Rising Sun). The 150 to 200 foot mega-yachts pale by comparison. Much more interesting is “Artic”. She is an icebreaker converted into a private yacht. Painted gloss black she has tenders that would make a drug runner jealous. Forrest pointed out the range – our li

//WL2K Gorda Sound, BVI, 29 November

We have been experiencing a number of line squalls all day. We decided to stay here as the weather forecast suggested rain and strong gusts and nature delivered. Forrest has started to review his material for his 6 pack marine license and I have been reading from my Kindle library. After almost getting the batteries down to 25% due to bilge pump action in the Gulf Stream we are back up to where we can use our electronics pretty much at will. The batteries are recharged by about 10 AM even with the computers running. I have noted the lack of decent WiFi. On the one hand makes one feel a little cut off. On the other hand we do spend more time watching the RC44 races and paying attention to the goings on in the mooring field. One nice thing about Paradise, when we get hot we just jump off the stern nd wash and cool off. We changed the propane line over from the cabin heater to the grill at lunch and celebrated by cooking up some hot dogs. Now that we know it is working we will get some w