Quote of the day

From the New York Times  “The global financial destruction that will happen under President Trump has already begun.” That was a headline in London’s Independent newspaper on Nov. 9, 2016. Those whom the gods will mock, first they make pompous economic forecasters.”Fair winds and following seas 🙂

Over the freaking top!

I grew up in the New York City area and lived on Manhattan Island for the better part of a decade. I have been to London, Paris, Vegas. Nothing prepared me for the Casino Bay Sands in Singapore.  To call it “Over the top” is (I know this is hard to believe) a gross understatement. Floor after floor of every high end shop you have ever heard of – and at least twice as many that you haven t. This must be the same kind of shock one gets when visiting Abu Dhabi in the UAE. I am blown away and I haven t even made it out of the hotel complex! Having a bite to eat and off to the Art & Science Museum. It comes highly recommended. Fair winds and following seas  🙂  http://www.sandscasino.com/singapore/casino-marina-bay-sands.html

Re: Happy thanksgiving

We re in New York.  By now it s tomorrow for you, so Happy Day After Thanksgiving.When we get to California at the end of next week, the time zone switches so that you re five hours behind us – the same difference as New York-London.  Except for that date line, of course.  So our three in the afternoon will be ten in the morning for you, all right – tomorrow morning.On Thu, Nov 24, 2016 at 2:46 AM, Roger John Jones wrote:Since I think we are all in the right time zone for this to be the day, unless Ace and Sally are in California, Happy Thanksgiving from Tin Can Inlet, Queensland, Australia. Fair winds and following seas:)